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Our club offers weekly runs where members can work on various aspects of their running regimen. Runners who consistently adhere to a combination of the workouts should see their speed and physical endurance increase over time.

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Tuesday Evening Workout

Focus here is to improve your speed and anaerobic system. During the winters, workouts are held at Royal Oak and Lakeland Road. During the summers, workouts are held at a local track or Clove Lakes park.

Toli Fun Run_edited.jpg

Saturday Fun Run

A casual 3 mile fun run where you can fine-tune your training, seek a relaxed non-competitive social atmosphere, and meet likeminded individuals. When you arrive, write your name on the sign-up sheet at the stone wall next to The Stone House. More details here.

Long Run Photo_edited.jpg

Sunday Long Run

A 6-20 mile long run focused on building your aerobic base (though typically 8-12 miles). Usually an out-and-back route. Groups of "like-pace" form, resulting in many smaller groups on the road. This run promises to be a calorie-burner! View common long run routes here.

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