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Club History

As one of the oldest organized sports clubs in NYC, SIAC has a wealth of history. Below are just a few pieces of interesting historical information collected over the years. For those interested, here is a more thorough historical account of the club with some additional tidbits here.

If you have information, photos and/or artifacts that support the history of SIAC, please send it via email to


The Staten Island Athletic Club officially begins as an organized sports club.  It was formed by several discontent athletes who wanted to go beyond rowing to participate in "running, jumping, walking, and hurdle-racing" (see document below).  Membership consists primarily of wealthy male members.  William K. Soutter becomes the first Club President the same year.


The SIAC holds its first athletic games.  Due to inexperience and rain, the games prove to be a failure.  Club members soon build an improved running track that helps them hold their first successful track meet by the Fall.  The "Soutter" medal was awarded to the winner of the 100-yard dash while the "Sacks" medal went to the 440-yard winner.


The Staten Island Athletic Club football team was formed.  The team played a total of six games during the fall.  Unfortunately, the team lost all six games and was scoreless against all opponents losing by a total of 232 to 0.  For more information, click here.


After several decades of existing as a sports club in name only, SIAC is resurrected as an active running club with a new club charter initiated by local runner Joseph F. Jones.  Jones becomes the SIAC President the same year.


Joseph Jones starts a weekly Fun Run in Clove Lakes Park.  Each week offered different distances ranging from 3-6 miles with a 10:00am start time.  All finishers received an orange and winners received a pineapple.  By the Summer, Mike Brennan took over the Fun Run and the start time was moved to 9:00am.  Eventually, the Fun Run was changed to a 3-mile distance  (Information provided by Bob Orazem).


As the COVID pandemic grips the world in March, the SIAC continues to exist via remote monthly club meetings using Zoom.  Members venture out to run on their own at safe distances to maintain their health and fitness levels and by participating in virtual races.  In November, to accommodate runners who are registered for the NYC Marathon, Club President David Panza, Publicity Director Josh Pesin, and other members of the SIAC produce a makeshift 26.2-mile course from South Beach to Great Kills Park.  Working with volunteers from the Richmond Rockets and Correcaminos, aide stations are set up along the course and cyclists volunteer their time to help 24 runners complete the event.

SIAC Historical Image Gallery

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