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Doug Auer

Men's Captain

A Staten Island native, Doug ran track and cross country for both Staten Island Tech and Wagner College. His passion for running led him to not only find the best within himself, but also the best in others. Naturally, this passion led him on a path to becoming a captain, where he aims to go beyond merely prescribing workouts but become a source of motivation, guidance, and expertise. He aims to find excellence within each athlete, propelling them to reach their full potential.

Besides being a motivation speaker, Doug is a loving (and lovely!) husband and father of two. 

Doug Auer
Nicole .jpeg

Nicole Macri

Women's Open Captain

Nicole Macri joined SIAC in 2015 just after graduating from college at SUNY Geneseo. Running has been a part of her life since her elementary school days, continuing through all four years of high school at NDA where she ran during indoor, outdoor, and cross country seasons. Nicole feels that SIAC has brought her a sense of community post graduation and that being part of this team has helped her to reach new heights with her running goals. She was able to overcome a serious injury and achieve a personal record in her third NYC Marathon. Nicole’s goal as the open women’s captain is to be a support to runners of all levels and to help members recognize their own potential.

Chris Forti

Team Coach

Growing up in the Boston area, running has always been part of his life: spectating the marathon as a kid, running competitively in high school and college, working in a running store, coaching at various levels including youth, high school and adult and a certified USATF official. While his true passion is the team aspect of cross country, he competes on the road, track and trails at distances ranging from 400m to the marathon. His coaching goals include helping individuals improve themselves both mentally and physically and while maintaining the life/ athlete balance. Chris is an RRCA-certified coach.

Chris Forti.jpeg
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Kathleen Heck

Women's Masters Captain

Kathleen has been running for five years. She’s completed three half-marathons and ran the NYC marathon in 2019. A proponent of the health benefits of running, she makes it her job to encourage people to incorporate physical activity into their lives.

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