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Links and Member Blogs

Many of our members love to share their running experiences on their blogs! Below are just a few examples of some of their blogs. Additionally, you can find some links to some popular running resources our team members use.

Member Blogs

Member: Josh Pesin

Member: Lisa Swan

Member: Andy Cross

Member: Jay Yogeshwar

Links Your local Staten Island running results and events website.

Ocean Breeze Wave Runners: Track club for children.

Ocean Breeze Track & Field Athletic Complex: Home to Staten Island's state-of-the-art IAAF-certified indoor track.

The Greenbelt: Run on the best trails in NYC, 32 miles of them!

Run & Shoot Photography: Road, trail and obstacle course race photography by Andy Cross and Michelle Fishman.

Gotta Run with Will: Interviews with personalities from the running community.

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